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InnoPub Media was co-founded by journalists with decades of experience in the news industry. Top companies depend on us for writing, editing, and producing multi-media content.


We are trusted by some of the country’s biggest companies to build, run, and maintain websites, mobile apps for Android and iOS, and chatbots.


InnoPub is a recipient of multiple awards for our projects. We have also been honored by such bodies as the Cebu Provincial Board and the Cebu City Council.

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The world has gone digital & mobile. Don’t be left behind.

Digital Content

Every company today is a content company. Content is what will drive business. Content is how you will find customers. Content is the only way you will stay relevant in your industry. Whether it is to write a press release, maintain a company blog, or produce a print or electronic newsletter, tap the decades-long experience and experise of InnoPub Media.


For most companies, especially small businesses, setting up and maintaining a website can be a headache. Let InnoPub set up, run, and maintain your company website, blog, or even social media presence so that you can focus on running your business.

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