InnoPub stands for innovative publishing

We are a startup founded by veteran journalists. Tech and content are both our forte.


In a content-driven world, you need good stories and articles to stand out. Partner with InnoPub to boost your website content, improve your social media postings, and enhance your articles and press releases.


InnoPub builds websites, apps, and chatbots for some of the Philippines’ biggest companies. We also publish ebooks.

Training / Consultancy

Don’t be left behind in the rapid advances of technology. Tap InnoPub’s expertise through our consultancy program. Boost your staff’s skills with our training modules.

InnoPub Media stands for innovation in new media publishing. We are a company started by online community journalism pioneers based in Cebu City, Philippines.

Our projects have been awarded and recognized by several government agencies and private organizations. The projects have also been extensively featured in both local and national media.

InnoPub produces new media products like apps and e-books for some of the Philippines’ top companies. We also build websites and chatbots. We help our clients both in content production and technology support.

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InnoPub, Smart boost Antique tourism

With its cerulean waters surrounding stretches of white sandbars, majestic nature trails harboring rare flower species, and sites honoring a not too distant historical event, Antique has piqued the interest of travelers who prefer the Read more…


InnoPub, SMART, Dapitan City launch Digital Tourism

THE Punto de Disembarco in Dapitan City, Zamboanga del Norte marks the arrival of national hero Dr. Jose P. Rizal in 1892 for his four years of exile in the city. It is built on the site where he is believed to have arrived in Dapitan on board a vessel called SS Cebu on July 17, 1892.